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Hi! Been using FlashFXP for a little while now and I am HOOKED ... can't imagine how I ever got along without it! So first off, thanks to the developers for such a great program!

There is, however, one option I would love to see be made available if at all possible. Also, please forgive me for replying to an ancient thread but a search for my "wishlist feature" led me to this post so I thought it best not to duplicate, no matter how old the original!

I, too, was wondering if it might be possible to add an option where the user could designate that when the "x" in the upper-right is clicked, FlashFXP would minimize to the system tray instead of closing. (Maybe then close the program by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray and then clicking exit ... ?)

I'm aware of the the "Place in tray when minimized," "F9" and "Confirmation" options, but I constantly find myself clicking the upper-right "x" out of habit and having to restart the program. (I say habit because so many of my other frequently used programs function like this: MSN, MSN Messenger, Flashget, ZoneAlarm, NAV, Kazaa Lite, etc.) Not that this is a big deal -- and not that it's anyone's fault but my own -- it's just more of a pain when the always-busy site I finally got connected to is the one I just managed to disconnect myself from. (DUH! ) Anyway, just a thought ...

Thank you for offering this venue for user suggestions, as well as for your time and efforts!
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