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For those of you who are wondering what happened to build 900, It was never intended to be final. It was something we pushed out via LiveUpdate to people using beta versions to test the waters and make sure everything was working correctly.

If you look at this thread you will see that we did discover a small bug and updated LiveUpdate to build 901.

Somewhere along the way someone guessed the name to our full setup and started informing sites of our final and linking to our download. That'll teach me to uploading the files before they're ready to be released.

There is only 1 final release and that's v2.0 build 901.. It's too bad that so many sites ran with the wrong information. IT would of been nice had one of them contacted us first.

Don't you think it's a bit strange for v2.0 final to be released and our website not say anything about it.. o'well now i'm just ranting..
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