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Default How do I get FlashFXP work on my second computer?

I understand that I should consider FlashFXP as "not excisting" for the next at least 15 years because of reasons mentioned elsewhere on this forum.

I have the program installed and working on one computer, but when installing it on my second computer, it is demanded that I get a new registration key. But I can't because the server that should supply me we this apparently is uncontactable and not working.

Is there something I can do to make the program work on the second computer beyond the 30 days trial period?
I have tried to copy the files from the FlashFXP 5 folder from the first to the second computer. But I am still met with the demand of getting a new registration code.

I imagine that there must be something somewhere, that I can copy from computer 1 to computer 2 to make it work. But what, and where?
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