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Originally Posted by jhob View Post
I have been using FileZilla for the last 4 months, but it has so many little UI annoyances that I found it very frustrating to use.

I've recently switched to WinSCP which I'm finding a lot more pleasant to use. It's not as clean as FlashFXP but I am finding the interface pretty intuitive and things work a lot more as expected than with FileZilla.
After 2 weeks of using WinSCP I can say it's a far more pleasant experience. UI is a lot more consistent and I don't find it frustrating to use like FileZilla. The UI isn't too dissimilar to FlashFXP, once you've enabled Background processing by default (Preferences > Transfer > Background > Background Transfers - Enable queue processing by default) so my recommendation would definitely be to switch to WinSCP.
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