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Default RaidenFTP 2.4 4005 Advanced Edition - SSL/TLS

RaidenFTP 2.4 4005 Advanced Edition - SSL/TLS

Good day everybody

I have been using raidenFTPD for a short time when things work out.If I have reinstalled it, the access works with SSL / TLS when I restart, only normal access, I just don't know what to do next

hope someone can help please

Kind regards

[09:03:52] [R] Verbindung herstellen mit raidenFTPD home -> IP=109.91.2*.* PORT=1337
[09:03:52] [R] Verbunden mit raidenFTPD home
[09:03:52] [R] 220-This server is for private use only
[09:03:52] [R] 220-If you do not have access to this server
[09:03:52] [R] 220-Please disconnect now
[09:03:52] [R] 220 Please enter your login name now.
[09:03:52] [R] AUTH TLS
[09:03:52] [R] 534 AUTH SSL denied.
[09:03:52] [R] Verbindung fehlgeschlagen (Verbindung durch Client geschlossen)
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