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Hi All.

I Have several questions:
1. What does the "group" sort by means?
2. I made some highlighting rules, is there any way to sort by them?
3. Is there a way to stay in the root directory of a remote server while d/l ? (in bulletproof i was able to add dirs to my queue while d/l, in flashfxp i need to stop the d/l)
4. It seems like alot of sites doesnt support "PASV" mode, and all support "non-PASV" mode, can i make the default to non-PASV for sites not on my list?
5. File association - With jpg files, my assiction is to acdsee, and i can aslo see the right icon near the files but somehow other program open the files when i double click it (i also tried the "view based...... but it doesnt work, it used to work with earlier versions)
6. Is there any way to see whats new since my last login ? (i know i can sort by time but then i should remember what was the last that i saw....)

I think thats all for now but im sure ill have some more question later


P.S. i'm using xp and version 1.4 build 800
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