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Default How do I access these files?

Okay, this is going to be a very noob answer, but I literally just downloaded this program with exactly one express purpose in mind and nothing else (because I just found out what this thing is): using a massive digital file depository. It recommended within the TXT.

And I quote (cutting out the important information for security purposes):
Thank you for purchasing access to my drive.
I recommend using "FlashFXP" (which is what this is) to access my server using the details found below.

We are constantly adding new content & due to the success of our service we are adding more server locations
so if you find your access to be slow, please let us know and we will give you access to another server.

If you need any help please reach out.

HOST 1 (EU):
HOST 2 (US): 51.79.16.XXX

PORT: 5757
USER: [Withheld]
PASS: [Withheld]
Can someone translate this and tell me what to do with this program because I'm completely lost. I tried accessing the link directly and, after failing to connect 10 TIMES IN A ROW it just says Failed to connect and then nothing happens.
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