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Default Very sad news to hear + alternatives

Hi guys, been a supporter of FlashFXP for many many years now. Such a good program, was actually one of the first apps I supported due to its relaxed licensing terms.

On another note, it's bad news for Charles but hopefully good luck is on his side to make the wrongs right and also this be a huge learning experience and if needed seek professional help.

We should put aside his private life and his business life, we cannot judge. Let god be the judge here.

I hope the development does not stop indefinitely and I have a strong feeling it wont, we just need to wait for things to clear up even if its one or two years from now.

I strongly believe that purchase of the application should either stop or at least put a strong advisory that support is temporarily halted before purchase so you don't go and create chaos with new purchasers.

If anyone has further news (family / friends) they should share this with the community of many many years now so at least we are kept up to date with whats happening, that would seem to be the right things to do.

On that note...

Can anyone recommend alternatives as good (hopefully) as Flash? I was going ot just start using Filezilla due to its open source nature and that does not seem it will go away anytime soon.

Thanks guys.
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