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Originally Posted by Shark View Post
I have bad been using this software for about 18 years and in recent years support had stopped. I posted a few times in regards to suspicions regarding the author/owner, Charles DeWeese. These suspicions were denied by many, including the authors apparent sister who has posted in support of him. One of the fellow long time users/original beta testers @MxxCon was on the same bandwagon. Many threads relating to this topic have been closed:

It is quite evident now, that the author of this software is a pedophile and is currently incarcerated. He himself has plead guilty to child sex offences and will be sentenced in July 2019:

I just wanted to make sure that the users were aware that if they pay for the software that two things will happen. 1) They will not get support or what they pay for & 2) Most importantly that you will be potentially supporting this 'man'.

I really hope that MxxCon will believe this now and cease sticking up for him.
You Sick twat, do you not think he pled guilty to avoid the immense court & defence costs, and also from what I have read on the case, she knew she was on camera, and getting pleasure from it, she was the one committing the offence not Charles displaying conduct like that, if I were her parent, I would have her locked up in an asylum the little whore, but then its always the male who gets the blame, the female is always Lily white. At her age masterbating in front of a camera at 16 years of age, in this country she is an adult at 16, you should grow up and smell the coffee, there are always two sides to a story.
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