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Default ioFTPD-v7.7.7.10004-1 .rar crashes

Hey Prodigy,

I tested ioFTPD-v7.7.7.10004-1 .rar on my Win10 machine.

I kept my old ioftpd.ini though with the following setting. All other files I overwrote with new oney from the RAR file. I deleted the PEM, KEY and DHP files before starting it, because I wanted io to generate new keys. IO starts but crashes immediatly after. My guess is, that it has a problem with the "NO_SSLv2" setting. In general I think, even if the setting is wrongly set, ioftpd should quit with a proper message in the log, but not crash.


ID: 6300  [01d80000-01d7e0b0]
  # 1: 77BCB78C -> [ntdll + 6A78C] ? NtGetContextThread() + 0xC
Wed Jan 02 23:40:10 2019 - ioFTPD v7.7.7
Unhandled exception: Access Violation (0xC0000005)
Address: 0x57E6E321 [attempting to read data from 0x00000061]
PID=3976, PATH=C:\ioFTPD\system\ioFTPD.exe
Thread ID: 15664
;Certificate_Name        = ioFTPD
Create_Certificate = True
Explicit_Encryption     = True
Encryption_Protocol     = NO_SSLv2 | NO_SSLv3 | TLS1.2
OpenSSL_Options = ALL
Min_Cipher_Strength     = 128
Max_Cipher_Strength     = 256
Get_External_Ident      = True
01-02-2019 23:39:07 tszEncryptionProtocol : 'NO_SSLv2 | NO_SSLv3 | TLS1.2'.
One more thing: in the ioFTPD-v7.7.7.10004-1 .rar in the ioftpd.ini file the setting is set to
Encryption_Protocol     = TLS1.3
This means the MINIMUM requirement for connecting to io is TLS1.3. I think this will create alot of confusion in people trying to setup ioftpd the first time because there is basically no ftp client (besides curl) at the moment that can handle TLS1.2. In my opinion the default setting for now has to be:
Encryption_Protocol     = TLS1.2


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