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So the problem seems to have been solved, by some great guys on the #ioftpd channel on EFnet.
So to get the eggdrop working, it needed some little tweaking, but after that it seems like evrything works fine.

So in the dzbot.conf file there is some lines there need to be modified, so it uses linux paths instead of windows.

set glftpdlog(NORMAL) "/cygdrive/c/ioftpd/logs/ioFTPD.log"
set sysoplog(EXTERNAL) "/cygdrive/c/ioftpd/logs/sysop.log"
set loginlog(NORMAL) "/cygdrive/c/ioftpd/logs/error.log"

Note that it is not c:/

It is in the top of the file.

Also it seems like the dzsbot.tcl file needed a little mod too. In the top of the file add this line:
set ::tcl_library "./lib/tcl8.5"

After adding these changes it should work like normal.

Also a big thanks to the guys who figured all of this out, you know who you are.

And also a thanks to Prodigy for taking the time to upgrade the ioftpd to support ssl.1.3
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