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Default Logoff quick log back on error!

Seems to be a bug with lastes, I noticed it a earler builds but when I was going to post about the next release it did not do it but back again. Ok this is the problem I connect to Raiden, log off normal, try to log back on will get this error message:

Logged off: 02 Romad-20
Connecting to 02 Romad-20
Connection failed (Address already in use)
Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1

Some times it will take retstarting raiden before i can get back on. I dont think it is Raiden causing it because if I use SmartFTP this does not happen. It will aslo happen when I connect to a glftpd site log off and try to log back on again with 10 secs. Any ideas and has anyone else seen this problem !
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