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Originally Posted by Shark View Post

I guess this confirms it then. Someone with cameras in toilets, bedrooms and bathrooms is not innocent. I had supported this guy for many years and it is very sad all this time he was a sex offender.

This guy doesn't deserve our support, he deserves to be where he is, in jail. I hope his lawyer doesn't find some loophole to get him off.
For sure, if this is really the truth, it is nothing which someone or anyone of us should be proud about.

I also don't want to offend anyone now, but I think here should be some differences made between the business and the privat shit.

I'm not saying "Forget this shit" or something else... If it is really the truth.. and if he really did this, then definatly "YES", he should have to "pay" for it (either beeing in jail or whatever the local law says).

But also.. if we keep the privat stuff out of our mind for a second, the software which he created... as a developer... as our developer for FlashFXP, is nothing bad what he did.

I guess most of you guys here are not here because of the forum looks so nice and pretty, but I think you are here because you like the software he created and this software hasn't changed. It is still the same software (more or less exactly since 1,5 years) .

So I think we all should stay fair to his company.. to his software... and make differences between his privat bullshit and the FlashFXP. And especially not before any final decissions have been made.

Please DO NOT understand this, that I want to calm stuff down about what he (maybe) did or that I think it was good etc.
I'm just a person who likes fair treatment and that's the reason why in the most civilized / modern countrys are courts handle this.

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