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Default problems with queue stalling

where should i start... first i had this problem with 1.4.x , then i decided to try RC2 and had the same problem.

recently i formated (last night) reinstalled 1.4.3, had the same problem, and just installed RC3 ..

here is whats happening..

when i have a queue xfering , inbetween each file a few things are done, Ports, STOR's, RETR 's and other stuff i really don't know to much about well inbetwee each of these commands it can take anywehre from 20seconds-2 min for it to goto the next command..

check this out:

Transferred: 14.31 MB in 01:42 (143.59 KBps)
then sits there for 20seconds to one min
227 Entering Passive Mode (xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,15,94)
(then sits there for another 20seconds-1 min)
PORT xxx,xxx,xxx,xx,15,94
(then sits there for another 20seconds-1 min)
200 Port command ok.
and hangs here most.. then eventually xfers whatever is next in queue (or i get dc'ed for (idle timeout))

this has happend on 1.4.x , rc2 , and rc3 , and i just reinstalled windows )

now the ftp servers i am connecting to mostly glftpd, but recently i had this problem w/ fxping from/to raiden/ms ftp server

Also when i am having these problems i'll ask somebody else to connect to the same ftp servers, and xfer, they don't have the problem like i do..

a good example of this is i was xfering somethign that was 400mb, my slowest upload was 724KB/sec and my fastest was 1300KB/sec (or so)
it took me 57 min to xfer the queue because of it stalling inbetween each file..

Currently i am running RC3 build 878, but once again i had this problem with 1.4.4 and 1.4.3 , and RC2

the only thing that has been static through this entire thing was a DLINK router that i need in place (can't troubleshot w/out the router sorry guys), its a wireless 802.11b router , i get perfect signals, the router is setup for DMZ pointing to this pc.

please any input would be greatly appreachated ,i opened my debug.log and got this though it doesn't look to be related:

Version: 2.0 RC3 (build 878)
Compiled on: Sep 15, 2002
OS Ver: 5.0 (build 2195) Service Pack 3
Integrity Hash: 82AEDD67A9D681291715F09C01D84E5A

Exception 'EFOpenError' in module FlashFXP.exe at 00012F1A
Cannot open file C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\Stats.dat

Source file: Classes.pas, Line 3584
Error within Try/Except

Call stack:
:00413F1A [FlashFXP.exe] (Classes.pas, line 3584)
:004687DD [FlashFXP.exe] (IniFiles32.pas, line 434)
:00468063 [FlashFXP.exe] (IniFiles32.pas, line 221)
:0051DDEC [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 2405)
:00495072 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDSock.pas, line 2734)
:0049410F [FlashFXP.exe] (FDSock.pas, line 2130)
:00496A76 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDSock.pas, line 3652)
:77E11D0A [USER32.DLL]
:77E11BC8 [USER32.DLL]
:77E172B4 [USER32.DLL]
:00492E96 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDSock.pas, line 1479)
:00493016 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDSock.pas, line 1532)
:0049DD09 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDFtp.pas, line 1932)
:0049B210 [FlashFXP.exe] (FDFtp.pas, line 891)
:00523C23 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 4459)
:005244F9 [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 4672)
:0052125B [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 3547)
:0053962A [FlashFXP.exe] (FrmMain1.pas, line 10710)
:00450185 [FlashFXP.exe] (Menus.pas, line 1382)
:00433676 [FlashFXP.exe] (Forms.pas, line 1451)
:77E11D0A [USER32.DLL]
:77E11BC8 [USER32.DLL]
:77E172B4 [USER32.DLL]
:0055A962 [FlashFXP.exe] (FlashFXP.dpr, line 220)
:77E9CA90 [KERNEL32.DLL]

thank you
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