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Default Delete older files - schedule

I have read this thread about using raw commands to delete files >than 30 days

I have managed to delete current folder and sub folders with following raw command - but this is not what I want
/select -f :age+30d
/delete selected

I want to set a schedule to delete all files older than 30 days in a specific folder
See attachment for my folder structure (details copied below)
Folder structure on my server
/opt/screenvideo1/html/media/upp/ Current folder
folder in window that I want to delete = up-test

Raw command I tries (plus variations of this)
/cd /up-test
/select -f :age+30d
/delete selected

Various attempts all result in [No Such Files]

Query 2
When I get the correct syntax working, how do I save this command and add to a schedule?

Query 3 - I recognise the CD command from DOS, this depends on the parent folder already open.
If I do manage to get the correct syntax for this delete, do I always have to be in the same parent folder when the scheduled event runs or is there a way to use this command so it always finds the correct folder form the root folder I am logged into?

Query 4
How / where do I delete my test RAW commands (see screenshot)
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