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Default [script] Create folders on opposite side from the current selection on the active sid

# DESCRIPTION: Create folders on opposite side from the current item selection on the active side.

# Display a simple [yes/No] confirmation prompt
/confirm "Create new folders on opposite side using the current selection?\n\n%f"

#This operation could take awhile so display a busy box until the operation has finished.
/busybox Creating folders

# loop for-each name that is selected in the active browser pane.
    # save %f into variable @f@
    /set @f@ %f

    # switch active browser pane to opposite side

    # make directory named @f@
    # if we had used %f then it would of taken the name from current active side which is wrong.
    /mkd @f@

    # switch back to the original side before grabbing the next name from %f

# switch back to opposite side so we can update the listing.

# now update the stale directory listing.

# one last switch to restore active focus back to the original browser pane.
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