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Red face Slow SFTP transfer speeds, still

Hello All,

Way way way back in the day Iused to use FlashFXP religiously and loved it, after many many years of using filezilla i wanted to try it out again.

Using it I notice poor performance for SFTP connections, I then saw this thread

Which notes the exact same issue.

I set the buffers to 128, tried 256 and went up but it does not fix anything.

Using filezilla or WinSCP i can max out my connection at aboiut 35mb/s , around 3000kb/s+ but with Flash FXP i am stuck around 500-550KB/s MAC....

This is clearly an issue with flashfxp and in that other now locked thread it noted improvements had been made, but wondering why then is this performance issue still occurring?

Is one of the best ever FTP clients around not capable of handling SFTP?
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