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thanks this seems to do exactly what i want on in my test folder (empty folder with a few folders named test_1 test_2 and so on)
But on the "working" folder its only working on some folders.

I figure it has to do with the folder names.
Some contain one or more of the following special characters.

[ ] ( ) &
For example

(September-2016) - Foldersomethingsomething
(September & August 2016) - Foldersomethingsomething [ FAILED ]
On those it only seems to queue up the delete command, but not the download itself.
Is there any way to fix that?
If not i might be able to replace those special characters accessing the machine via putty.
Would be an extra step every time, but still save me loads of time.

Also no clue how i used FlashFXP since at least a decade and didn't knew about the ability to create own commands
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