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Default Very strange problem !!!

Hi, i know router problems have been discuss before, but i haven't seen something similar to my problem.

I have at home 2 computers. One is on Debian-Linux .. and uses ProFTPD. My network is behind a Linksys Router.

In my Forwarding Tables, i've forward Ports 20-21 TCP and UDP to my Linux computer's network adress.

When i connect directly to my server i can upload anything to it. But when i'm trying for example to transfer from site-to-site the transfer jammed at the STOR command. I dunno why, but even if i'm trying to send with the PORT command, it always enters PASS mode.

I tried to activate DMZ host on my Linux computer's network adress .. still no change !

Can somebody help me ??

P.S: My proftpd is configure to accept site-to-site .. coz on certain site-to-site-transfer, it works but only 10% of all transfers.
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