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For SFTP server connections FlashFXP has always resolved the symbolic links to determine if the link is to a file or a folder, since this information is not provided as part of the SFTP directory output and it is needed for FlashFXP to handle symbolic links correctly. Some clients will delay this operation until later (displaying the wrong information) or simply guess but this can lead to more headaches and problems.

Old versions did not display the "Resolving symlink" status information but this operation was still performed immediately following the LIST, we recently introduced the "Resolving symlink" status because of the long delays that users reported while navigating certain directories and we wanted to make it clear why FlashFXP was taking so long, since its not the LIST that was slow, it was resolving the symbolic links.

Currently there is no way to turn off this behavior, but if it was turned off you would not be able to work with any symbolic link and it could introduce unexpected results.

Also I did not see any other post regarding "wrong server times shown", please be sure to make this post if its still an issue.
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