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Default VERY slow processing symlinks on server

I'm a long time (10+ years) FlashFXP user, and for the last few versions, I've had two problems that I don't know how to get around -- one I'll detail below and the other in another post (wrong server times shown). Some of my directories on the server where I ftp to, have lots of symlinks (~100), but now FlashFXP slows down to a crawl when I connect to these directories. This is not transferring, but just listing the directory contents. I get the message "Resolving symlink x/N) where x varies from 1 to N -- the number of symlinks. Each one takes about 1 second! So now I"m faced with a 2 minute delay on even looking at some directories. Same with directories with only a few symlinks.

I've searched for settings to avoid such but to no avail, and previously these were not a problem. Note that in FileZilla they work fine, with no delay, so it's something in FXP I'm running v5.4 (build 3939) on Win 10 x64 (Win 7 until a few days ago) and the server is a CentOS one. Any ideas or is this just a bug?
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