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Default Possible copy to clipboard error when screenshot saved to ftp ?

Hi Bigstar,

You were great help before to get this working and it has been a dream to save screenshots from Greenshot app to FTP.

However i actually added a new server and i seem to have a copy to clipboard error. It doesnt happen with the original server but when i added a second external command i see a slight problem. Im not sure if its flashfxp or something else ?

Ok so the screenshot uploads ok no issues there, i see it when i connect to flash fxp ftp site. Its what is copied in the clipboard that is the problem. This is all i see in the copy clipboard


It seems the site or the main home url is stripped.

Just to reiterate uploading the screenshot, connecting to the server and ftp is perfect,but what is copied to the clipboard path is not.

Just to note im using the exact same arguments as before and it works perfect its just this second external command.

Hope to resolve this soon. Thanks very much.
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