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Default Prodigy Version crashes when scheduling scripts

Originally Posted by Prodigy View Post
In the event of waiting Yil comes back and ioFTPD v8? and my noob attempt to mastering C. I have made some modifications based on vanilla ioFTPD v7.7.3 :
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 with windows XP compatibility (not tested)
  • Fixed some warning found when compiling
  • Fixed some null pointer based on static analysis by PVS-STUDIO
  • Upgraded TCL into 8.5.19
  • Upgraded into OpenSSL 1.02g, disabled SSLV2 and upgraded to TLS v1.2
  • Fixed freeing null pointer in some cases (PVS-STUDIO)
  • Added some null pointer check.

Currently i have tested on minimal testing environment (local transfer) and LAN transfer, with 0 script addon. I am not recommended to run it on production without further testing.

Does anyone interested in this?, of course i will also sharing the source code.
Hi Prodigy, very happy to see that you managed to compile the code.

I tried your version on two completly different machines: WIN7 and WIN10. On both machines sticking any sctipt (ioBanana, ioA) in the SCHEDULER makes ioftpd crash. (I tried newday and searchlog by ioA 2.0.5).

On both mashies it crashes with:
Unhandled exception: Access Violation (0xC0000005)
Address: 0x013F0B0C [attempting to write data to 0x00000005]
YILs version seems to work just fine with the SCHEDULER.

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