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Lightbulb Anyone interested in my ioFTPD build?

In the event of waiting Yil comes back and ioFTPD v8? and my noob attempt to mastering C. I have made some modifications based on vanilla ioFTPD v7.7.3 :
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 with windows XP compatibility (not tested)
  • Fixed some warning found when compiling
  • Fixed some null pointer based on static analysis by PVS-STUDIO
  • Upgraded TCL into 8.5.19
  • Upgraded into OpenSSL 1.02g, disabled SSLV2 and upgraded to TLS v1.2
  • Fixed freeing null pointer in some cases (PVS-STUDIO)
  • Added some null pointer check.

Currently i have tested on minimal testing environment (local transfer) and LAN transfer, with 0 script addon. I am not recommended to run it on production without further testing.

Does anyone interested in this?, of course i will also sharing the source code.
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