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Default Upload Speeds Less than half my Connections ability

Flash FXP 5.30 build 3629 Licenced
Windows 10 - Gigabit ethernet
Windows Firewall only, application given full permissions
No AV running besides Win Defender.
VDSL2 100/40mbit connection.

I am experiencing upload speeds to my server using FlashFXP of less than half my connections ability. I am getting 1MB/sec upload to my server.

If I try Fetch FTP on my Mac sitting next to me I get over 2.5MB/sec upload and climbing. No other applications are running which can consume bandwidth, no limiters or download monitoring apps are running to limit my PC, I have full speed in tests on the Windows PC so my connection is not somehow limited in the Windows environment. It seems to only be FlashFXP

I have tried setting at least 5 or 6 of the buffer settings to the same effect. Default, Auto, 32, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 8096 all same speed.

SFTP/SSH Passive mode. Same settings on my Mac yield the full upload ability. Have also enabled/disabled passive mode no effect.

Can you help?
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