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We use PayPal as our direct payment processor because their low fees allow us to offer the best possible discounts.

However since PayPal split from Ebay (not sure if that's the reason) but around middle of January we started seeing a large increase in declined transactions. declined transactions have jumped from 1-5% to around 30-40% and at the moment we're not sure why.

We have no control over whether or not PayPal accepts or declines a transaction, when a transaction is declined we try to offer the same deal or the best possible deal we can through Avangate but since their processing fees are much higher sometimes we can't offer the same deals.

I regret that we may end up doing away with PayPal due to the hassle and customer frustration from being declined.

We have nothing against Canada or any other country, in fact the highest rate of declined transactions appear to be from America.
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