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I am posting a follow up for reference as this question was answered via email.

To change the global default action from upload to prompt

Open FlashFXP
From the main menu select Options > Preferences, then from the Preferences dialog select View and Edit File

Change the default action on save from upload to prompt and click the OK button

The default action is now changed to prompt

If you have defined any custom file associations within FlashFXP the action can be defined per association.

This is done via the main menu > Options > File Associations

Select the file association and click the edit button.
Change the Perform the following action on save to prompt

The following issue was observed in FlashFXP v5.2 build 3912 and affects all previous versions.

If you edit a file while the default action is set to upload and then change the action to prompt, the prompt action will not take effect when you edit the file again.
The problem is that the action information is stored along with the file edit details and because the file was previously edited with the action set to upload then it continues to use the upload action.

When editing the file again the action should be updated to use the current action method and this does not occur.

We will be releasing an update in the next day or two to address this issue.

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