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Question bizzare connection problem system wide

FlashFXP v2.0 Release Candidate 3 and v1.4.2 running under Windows 2000

WinSock 2.0
Connecting to [my site, aol, microsoft, adobe, etc]
Connection failed (10061:Connection refused)

I always get the above error, it wont even try to connect. packet count does increase. at first i was on behind a router, then enabled virtual DMZ, still nothing, disconnected it and now I have a straight connection. and still i get the same thing, reboots results in same error.

tried passive settings, DNS names, direct ip adresses...still nothing.

odd part is running cmd.exe and using ftp commands wont let me connect ither....however using IE6 connects fine. also tried using cuteftp and thats a no go and is uninstalled.

i uninstalled IIS 5 a few days ago, but i fail to see the correlation...I also have Zone Alarm Pro 3 but is not enabled unless i manually run it

anyhow any suggestions ???

thanx in advance
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