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Default FXP bug in 2.0RC3?


I'm having a problem with Flaxhfxp RC§ (build 880), also saw it appear in the previous version. I need to mention that I'm running a linux gateway before my win machine, and have set it up as follows:

port forwarding of some ports to the windows machine's ip
set those ports as local ports in flashfxp
bound local ports to my external ip

everything works fine so far, directory listings for example. however, when i try to do a site to site transfer, flashfxp still sends a PASV command, causing errors on ftps that do not support passive mode at all. i have disabled passive mode everywhere possible i think (that is in preferences and ftp options, also alternate down-/uploading method is activated for both source and destination site).

i can't seem to find anything configured wrong, so i suspect this might be a bug in the 2.0 release of flashfxp.

i'd be glad to get a response here.


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