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Question Please help - site to site transfers

I'm using FlashFXP 1.4.3 Build 835 on windows XP to do site transfers between two servers I built here in the office.

One of the servers ( is a RedHat 7.2 build on X86 hardware with the default ftp loaded, and the second ( is a Sun Solaris9 on E220 hardware with pureFTP loaded.

There is no firewall or address nat - it's a pretty straight shot.

I read another post on the passive settings in the site manager and tried to make one "all passive" and the other "all not passive" (I took the check out of use passive, and checked both boxes at the bottom). Was this the right approach? I'm having absolutely no luck. The error activity is:

I connect and it lists on both sites -
I start a transfer from secure (passive) to gta (not passive) -
I automatically see a "connection lost" - then "attempting to reconnect". in green.
Then I get in red a "transfer failed" - "1 file failed to transfer" - "server error aborted"

and it will do this over and over and over again.
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