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Default Script - Packing file(s) on event OnUploadComplete

Hello Community,

i would like to try write a script to packing (with winrar, winzip, or anything else) on a ioftpd-event "OnUploadComplete" the uploaded files inside this directory to a other harddisc inside the same directory-name, but i`m don`t understand the handling to get it work.

I would use for example in ioftp the event...
OnUploadComplete = EXEC ..\scripts\packing.exe/.cmd/.bat/vbs -upload packing the uploaded file(s) to a other directory with the same parent-name on a external harddisc.
Further, the once packed zip-file should not larger than 2GB, apart from that splitting this file to two or three files.

Anybody knows a script or a tool to exercise it or maybe get help?

If you need more informations or it`s unknowable, please ask.
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