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Default [Advanced Tweak] Changing the state icons in v5.x

Starting with v5.0.0 build 3753 it is now possible to change the FlashFXP state icons.

This is an advanced low-level setting that must be done by editing the flashfxp.ini file directly within notepad

Open flashfxp.ini

now under the [main] section header insert the following line
CustomStateIcons=<path\to\custom\icon\state\folder >

The path can be relative for those of you using the portable edition such as .\icons to reference a sub-folder within the FlashFXP program folder. You can also use system environment variables in the path such as %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%

Within this folder create 6 files with the following file names.

205.ico = connected state.
305.ico = icon with active schedule.
405.ico = connecting state.
505.ico = transferring state.
605.ico = this icon is used when no other state is true.
705.ico = specifically for the system tray when FlashFXP minimized to the tray and locked.

If a specific icon file is not found (or fails to load) within the icon state folder then the stock icon is used.

The icons we use in FlashFXP consist of RGB/A, 256 color and 16 colors with the following sizes 48x48, 40x40, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16. The icons used within FlashFXP were created by Filipe Oliveria (X3) exclusively for FlashFXP.

Here's the stock icon set used in FlashFXP v5

And here's the old icons used in FlashFXP v4

When creating a new icon set use the stock v5 icon set as a reference.
If you create an alternative icon set, please let us know we'd love to see them.

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