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Thanks for the immediate dev-build. But i'm afraid there's one step missing. The folder i'd like to create a symlink for must be moved first which is why i thought it might be useful to create the symlink after moving a directory. Here's what i tried:

In the source window press "CMD+R" to open the RAW-Command dialog.
Paste the script you posted.
Press "OK".
A new dialog opens "Create Symlink in Folder" -> Select target directory.
I pasted the path of the parent directory that should contain the symlink to the directory i'd like to create the symlink for.
Press "OK".
The source directory i getting converted to a symlink and the target directory where it should have been moved to first doesn't receive it.
The output from the FFXP status window is:
[R] [CMD] /require remote
[R] [CMD] /set @dst@ $selectfolder("Create SymLink in Folder", "Select Folder:")
[R] #perform command
[R] 500 '#perform': Command not understood
[R] site chattr +l My_Directory /Path/To/Target/Directory/My_Directory
[R] 200 'chattr' Command successful.
So, this is a good beginning having one logic issue. Currently i have to move the directory first, then create a new directory myself and then use this duplicate directory to convert it to a symlink. I think from a usability point of view it would make more sense to have an option (checkbox) in the "Move - dialog" asking the user whether or not to create a symlink from the source location to the target location after moving the director(ies).
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