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I was not aware of this command for ioFTPD to create symlinks, and this got me thinking that perhaps the best way to support this is entirely via custom command scripting.

Here's what I've come up, it requires the dev build below which implements a new $selectfolder() token modifier for the /set command.

Download the dev build

Unzip FlashFXP.exe into your current FlashFXP folder replacing the existing FlashFXP.exe

The new token modifier is used with the /set command as the value, the user is prompted with a folder select dialog.

/set @dst@ $selectfolder("<title>","<label>")

The result of the dialog is set to @dst@ which can be referenced later in the script, if the user cancels then the script is aborted.

Create a new raw command via > Commands > Edit Commands

Now in the raw command script for ioFTPD:
#This script is command specific to ioFTPD servers
#only allow this command to run if the remote browser is active
/require remote
# prompt the user to select the target folder
/set @dst@ $selectfolder("Create SymLink in Folder", "Select Folder:")
#For-each item selected 
    #perform command
    site chattr +l %f @dst@%f

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