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Rather than using the folder timestamp from the server, what if we simply determine the modified timestamp base on the newest file or folder within it?

If you have a folder named c:\test\ and the newest file has a timestamp of "2010-01-01 12:00" then the modified timestamp of \test\ would be updated to use this timestamp.

In many cases this would not match the server folder \test\ modified timestamp which is updated any time a file is moved/renamed/deleted, but instead it would reflect the timestamp of the last modified file within it.

This way we could avoid sending additional commands to the server and it would work whether or not the server supported the MTDM command.

This method could perhaps also be made into a custom command macro that could be used manually on existing local folders, not sure what I'd call it though /SetFolderTimestampToNewestFile %p%f is too long, suggestions welcome. Perhaps an optional [-r] flag to set the folder timestamps recursively as well.
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