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Originally posted by MxxCon
excuse me, but no. you agreed to beta test this software! meaning you should run every version that's released to make sure that all bugs are fixed. if you want to upgrade only when you feel like it go back to using 835 and wait untill 2.0 is final.
running ancient beta version and then reporting problems with it doesn't help us.
Excuse me, but maybe you should consider the plight of users on modems when someone releases a flurry of updates (I don't think I've seen it happen here yet, but comapnies do it all the time). You can't expect me to download it several times in one day if there were a bunch of releases for minor fixes. I'm not going to report bugs in old versions, but that doesn't mean I'm going to download the update the instant you release it. Your software isn't that important (even though it is good).
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