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Well you could do something like this for upload

Instead of using the normal queue/transfer method you create a custom command and perform it instead.

(There is a bug in the current release that prevents this from working as intended)

You'll need this fix, just replace your existing flashfxp.exe with this one.

From the main menu > Commands and then from the Command dialog Add a New Command.

An example is shown below.
/require local
    /queue "%lp%f"
    /set @f@ %f
        /enq /move "%rp@f@" "/data/storage/@f@"
/enq /clear cache /data/storage/
Make sure to replace /data/storage/ with the desired folder you want to move the uploads to.

This script will first check to see if the active browser is local, if not it will abort, queues the first selected file/folder in the local browser and then switch to the remote browser and enqueue a /move operation to move the folder from the target path to /data/storage/<name> switches back to the local browser and repeat until all selected items are queued, then it will switch one final time to remote and enqueue a clear cache on the /data/storage/ folder (just in case its cached) and finally /start will start transferring the queue.

You can omit the /start command or simply add a # in front to comment it out to see what the queue would look like first.

You can also assign this command to a shortcut such as (ctrl+shift+U) if you prefer to use the keyboard.
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