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To saw a command sequence to a queue you can do it a couple different ways.

It's best to do this while not connected any remote site since that connection link will be restored when the local command is performed.

Select the local browser file list pane, right-click and then from the popup menu Enqueue > Raw Command

Raw command prompt

And enter the commands.. such as..
/cd c:\folder\you\want\to\delete\from
/select -f :age+30d
/delete selected

Click the [OK] button and now these 3 lines will appear as a single entry in the queue.

It's best to group the commands like this into a single queue entry.

This way if the /cd operation fails the commands that follow it are not executed.

Updated example and images to show a local path c:\folder\you\want\to\delete\from (code was copied from original example that was for a remote server)

If you wanted to test this command out to make sure it works as expected without deleting anything you can add the /stop command after the /delete selected

/cd c:\folder\you\want\to\delete\from
/select -f :age+30d
/delete selected

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