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i tested now again the live updater, and 3825->3826 now is proper downloaded, but mcafee recoqnized the first time in my life a buffer overflow for this kind of flashfxp update process. anyone else had this ? i ignored mcafee popup and continued to click "update" and update 3825->3826 went smooth.
At what specific moment did this appear?

And what specific mcafee product is that?

FlashFXP.exe v5.1.0 build 3825
SHA1: 0a2cb5e2d6ba13b87504f47f3e39e449985f3c22

FlashFXP.exe v5.1.0 build 3826
SHA1: 44370ab443976b314726095d2fe2c2b42276f6a6

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