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for better understanding :

that was the usual screen showing update avail from 3825 -> 3826 ... lets click download, and 3 times the download bar didnt properly finished, so i was afraid that the installer perhaps was compromised , but while reading your thread that you implemented the security check in 3824 i dont think that i have the wrong file.

to be 100% sure and not using a wrong 3825 .exe file , here's sha1 checksum of 3825 flashfxp.exe , can you confirm please ;-):

sha1 0A2CB5E2D6BA13B87504F47F3E39E449985F3C22 // FlashFXP.exe (3825 build)

i tested now again the live updater, and 3825->3826 now is proper downloaded, but mcafee recoqnized the first time in my life a buffer overflow for this kind of flashfxp update process. anyone else had this ? i ignored mcafee popup and continued to click "update" and update 3825->3826 went smooth.

the 3826 setup .exe which was downloaded into /cache directory has same sha1 checksum , so this looks fine

sha1: DB50C3DD907A74B02ECE2DF9ACB0A760D35C224C

what causes that buffer overflow, just wanted to report this
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