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Exclamation LiveUpdate Issues

Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
I have released an update 5.1.0 build 3824 to better protect our users from any future dns hi-jacking attempts.

When preforming an update check the update check reply messages now include a digital signature, if the digital signature is missing or invalid then the server reply is discarded.

FlashFXP will only process the server reply if the digital signature can be verified.

After downloading the program updates additional checking is performed to ensure that the digital signature is owned by us, if the digital signature fails validation or doesn't match then the downloaded content is deleted.

hi , tried updating from build 3825 -> 3826 , it resulted 3times in a faulty download and then the resulting "incomplete download" window the button click doesnt work.

i tried then from a 2nd installation the downloaded update file :

sha1: DB50C3DD907A74B02ECE2DF9ACB0A760D35C224C

and manually point to portable installation folder of 3825 , tried to install "over" but resulted in still the same build 3825 , it seemed the installation just didnt overwrite the files. i remember you told once that that kind of setup file can also be used to install/manually update a portable installation.

i expect the 3826_setup.exe file (i just did a copy of this .exe file during updating my first 3824 build) to be the same update file like the plain normal standalone installer ,

what about the ability to have those build setup exe files in a sticky thread with proper md5/sha1 checksums , just to be sure ?

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