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I occasionally notice incorrect icons on the local browser side as well, though not necessarily the same issue. It is not often but what I have noticed is that it occurs when the current local directory is modified outside of flashfxp. In my case new files added. For example I just grabbed the 3805-r6 zip and my open client happened to be viewing the browser download location. When I switched to flashfxp one of the icons was incorrect (which is what reminded me of this post). I have seen this incorrect icon occur on both files and folders with no observable link to any particular filetype. The incorrect icon displayed in this instance was not related to any of the items in the list. Sometimes it is even a blank page (no association) icon. It also occurs both when flashfxp is the active process and when it is not.

Windows Vista, can occur anywhere but in my case only when the active local folder is modified outside of flashfxp (triggering the internal refresh).

Generic shell icons and Overlay icons options are off.
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