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I noticed something from the screenshot/logs...


[11:04:03] [R] CWD /测试路径/test/测试路径1/2015年和娱乐日新增数
[11:04:03] [R] 550 CWD failed. "/测试路径/test/测试路径1/2015年和娱乐日新增数?": directory not found.

Notice how the very last character "据" is being misinterpreted or lost? It can not be seen at the end of the CWD command and is replaced with a "?" in the 550 server response. The fact that it is missing in the CWD command indicates that it's being lost/misinterpreted somewhere by flashfxp.

Looking at my own bookmarks and the CWD command flashfxp sends to the server it seems that flashfxp trims the trailing forward slash from the command. This routine may be the culprit here (part of the date/time token replacement?). The trailing forward slash (or any other chr) should not be lost or removed.
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