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I am having difficulty trying to determine exactly whats wrong can you please do the following.

1. Repeat the above test and save the log to a text file.
(I think either the forum software or something else might be transforming the Chinese text because some of the characters don't match your screenshot.)

2. Navigate to the parent directory of the folder i.e. "/测试路径/test/测试路径1/" and then from the main menu select Directory > Copy Directory to clipboard, now save this to a separate text file.

3. Open the bookmarks.dat file located in your FlashFXP data folder and copy the bookmark that relates to this issue and paste it into a new text file. (You can find the FlashFXP data folder location from within FlashFXP under the main menu Help > About > Details tab.)

4. add all 3 text files to a zip archive and then attach them to your reply.

Also what specific version of Windows are you using?
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