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Testing with 3805-r5

Almost everything seems to be acting as expected. As you say Y count for command progress isn't quite right (seems to count an extra increment for each iteration of a command group).

Only the very last chmod example acts strangely. I know its not a realistic command (or the way it should be done) just one of the test cases I was using. As you can see the order is lost when there are no surrounding {}. It seems to iterate over each line containing %f individually but not in the order they are presented.

/cd %f
site chmod 777 %p%f
[20:45:25] [L] site chmod 777 /tools/bin/TESTING2
[20:45:25] [L] 200 CHMOD command successful.
[20:45:25] [L] site chmod 777 /tools/bin/fibseq/TESTING
[20:45:26] [L] 200 CHMOD command successful.
[20:45:26] [L] [CMD] /cd TESTING2
[20:45:26] [L] CWD TESTING2
[20:45:26] [L] 250 CWD command successful.
[20:45:26] [L] PWD
[20:45:26] [L] 257 "/tools/bin/TESTING2" is current directory.
[20:45:26] [L] STAT -l
[20:45:27] [L] List Complete: 282 bytes in 0.86 seconds (0.3 KB/s)
[20:45:27] [L] [CMD] /cd TESTING
[20:45:27] [L] CWD TESTING
[20:45:27] [L] 550 TESTING: No such file or directory.
[20:45:27] [L] CWD /tools/bin/TESTING2/TESTING
[20:45:28] [L] 550 /tools/bin/TESTING2/TESTING: No such file or directory.
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