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1. Please try this updated build

I changed the way linked scripts are executed with [] to address this problem, I will need to do additional testing to make sure that this doesn't introduce any unexpected issues.

2. I noticed that one of the variables used with /delay was signed, it should of been unsigned and I bet this resulted in a int overflow. I have updated this in the build above.

3. For now the the command X of total is wrong, this has to do with the way the flow of the engine was changed. I will correct this once I am satisfied that everything else is working as correctly, each change I make effects this.

4. When the command engine was run there is no success/failure result that could be passed to the transfer queue (atleast until now). I've added this ability so if any command is enqueued and that command fails then the whole queue is stopped, this makes the most sense especially when any following command may rely on the one before it being executed successfully.
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