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Thank you for your feedback.

I attempted to reply to you several times today but each time I tried to write an example and show you some references I ran into some unexpected issues.

There are some problems with the order in which the scripts are being executed.

Ironically most of these problems seem to originate back to a single problem I tried to resolve awhile back where the order of the files in %f was reversed, it would appear that my fix and then additional fixes and changes have opened a huge can of worms.

I use a multi-stage partially recursive parsing and processing engine and it appears that somewhere along the lines I've overly complicated things because nothing works as expected.

I've spent most of the day trying to work things out but every time I fix one issue it introduces a new problem or changes the behavior in a way that may cause existing scripts to malfunction, though at this point I'm not entirely sure whats working correctly and what's not. I am pretty sure that I'll be rolling back all of my changes from today and starting fresh tomorrow.

To quickly answer some of your questions, yes when you use tokens such as %f in a command that command becomes a FOR-EACH LOOP or if the command is within a command block the entire command block becomes a FOR-EACH LOOP.

Chaining another command via [\sub\func] containing a command block can create its own FOR-EACH LOOP that is parsed within the sub context of the main loop but the the commands aren't actually executed until after the main FOR-EACH LOOP has been parsed. (If that makes any sense)

I have the following example that I was going to use to show you how things worked but at the moment it doesn't actually work as expected.


main function
/echo start
/cd %p%f
/selectall -f
/clear cache %p
/cd %p
/echo end
sub function named "\sub\func1"
/move "%p%f" "../%f"
RMD %p
Below is a simplified output of the way the script should appear when run
[CMD] start
[CMD] /cd /base/sub1/
[CMD] /selectall -f
[CMD] \sub\func1
[CMD] /move "/base/sub1/sub1-file1.bin" "../sub1-file1.bin"
[CMD] /move "/base/sub1/sub1-file2.bin" "../sub1-file2.bin"
RMD /base/sub1/
[CMD] /cd /base/sub2
[CMD] /selectall -f
[CMD] \sub\func1
[CMD] /move "/base/sub1/sub2-file1.bin" "../sub2-file1.bin"
[CMD] /move "/base/sub1/sub2-file2.bin" "../sub2-file2.bin"
RMD /base/sub2/
[CMD] /clear cache /base/
[CMD] /cd /base/
[CMD] end
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