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Ok I figured out the mechanics behind the use of multiple %f lists and got my command working quite simply. %f simply must be set outside of the command group or sub command that iterates it. Logical enough... command groups or sub commands can be thought of as a 'foreach' in these circumstances. Not sure why it didn't occur to me before (as that is pretty standard for most programming languages) but for some reason I was thinking of %f in a static-global-variable nature and ignoring the obvious. When in fact %f is tied to its stack-level.

All the messing around did at least expose some oddities (above).

One other thing that I noticed after getting my command right and doing some error tolerance was that if there is a 550 error when trying to perform the remote rename the queue entry is still removed (rather than marked as failed). Is this intentional? I have not done a lot with enqueue commands so I am not entirely familiar with the expected behavior.
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