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1. Yes, as you discovered. Though the variables feature and how it works isn't 100% set in stone.

2. If you want to move all the items in the current directory to a specific folder you could do something like this
/ren "%p%f" "/archived/%f"
If that doesn't help, please give me a specific example of what you're trying to do.

3. This is the behavior when the delete operation command is executed. It will not run if any items in the queue are marked as failed, FlashFXP will reset and move these failed operations to the top of the queue before allowing the delete operation to run.. if the failed operation cannot be performed (fails over and over) then once the retry limit is reached the delete operation is also marked as failed.

4. The only reliable way to delete files is to do it via the queue (which can't be performed immediately), if you needed to delete a file immediately you could use "DELE %p%f"

5. Did you use pass absolute path name when using /ren? in many cases the absolute path is required, sometimes FlashFXP will try to guess and use the current dir but since the path may change due to a loss of connection or another command this is not reliable, especially if you're restoring a saved queue.

%f should work in most commands, I tested it with /ren and it worked as expected.
Also remember that most /macro's parameters must be double-quoted.
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