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Hi, couple of things that are all sort of related...

1. Just wondering what the current implementation status is for variables? and for example will "/set @A@ /select -f *.txt" set @A@ to the literal string "/select -f *.txt" or the result of it (based on previous post i am assuming literal string).

EDIT: Testing and confirmed for myself that my assumption is correct.

2. While attempting to write a new command i found myself unable to figure out a way to do something. However I am not sure if I am just forgetting about something, and I have not tried using variables yet hence the question above (if my assumption is correct then variables wont help)

What I am attempting to do it move files (on the remote side) but I am selecting the files to be moved with /select and can not think of a way to use /ren /enqueue (or raw commands) with the selected item(s). Can you think of a way to do this that I am not seeing?

3. While working on another command I noticed some unexpected behavior. Consider the following example.

/select ...
/delete selected
/transfer queue

If their are previously failed items already in the queue then /transfer queue resets them even through there are unfailed items also in the queue (the enqueue commands). Maybe the global transfer routine (that checks the queue and resets if needed) is not taking enqueued items into account?

4. Suggestion to update /delete (and maybe similar commands) to accept a [now] parameter at the end eg /delete selected now. This would perform the delete operation immediately. I understand this may not be as simple as it sounds.

5. Linked to both 2 and 3... a way to reference selected items similar to %f. This could then be used in other commands (like /ren). Again I understand this may not be as simple as it sounds. For such a token I would expect that the command, eg /ren, would be iterated for each item in the /select result that the token is referencing.
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